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If you're reading this then it's highly likely that you are as passionate as we are about new Theatre & want to discover how you can help bring this new Production to Life. You'll probably also be aware that, even before reaching this point, the Producers and the Creative Team have already invested a lot of time, energy, passion and money in the project to get to a point where we believe we can move on to the next stage.

To help us move forward we need your support and have devised several ways that you can become part of our Family and help us to develop the show to the point where we can Produce a London based show before touring the production to Theatres in the UK. We also plan a U.S. premiere for this newly commissioned work! But......first things first.....


How can you help?


1. You can make a one-off donation using our Paypal link (no account needed). If you wish, you can make this a monthly donation too.


2. You can join our Friends Scheme which offers a range of exciting benefits depending on the level at which you join.


3.  You can visit & support us through our Online Store.


4. If you are a Company then you can explore opportunities to devise a suitable package for your Company and offer employee and customer benefits according to the level of sponsorship that you make. Please contact us here to discuss your involvement

5. Help us spread the word to your friends about our exciting project and join us on social media platforms on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, & Instagram.

Important Notice:

Red Boot Productions Ltd. is a For-Profit Company registered in England & Wales. As a new Producer, we rely solely on our own resources and the generosity and foresight of supporters who donate, sponsor or become part of our 'Friends Scheme'. In all cases we believe that such receipts are likely to be treated as taxable income for the Company and will be accounted for and reported as such in our tax return. Please be aware that as we are not a registered charity your donation is not tax deductible. Neither is any such gift to be regarded as an investment as we offer no potential for financial return for your gift. We are however, extremely grateful for the support!

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