April 3, 2018

A woman limps on to the stage, pushing a Mexican four-poster single bed, the very bed she lived in, loved in, painted in and recently, died is Frida Kahlo.

Just days before her death she has written in her diary: 'I hope the exit is joyful and I hope never to return.'

But now, Frida, following her death, is in a purgatorial world where she, alone, is reviewing her life. With the help of the stories she tells herself, the songs she sings, the dances her body can dance, and the memories of her life that appear to us in scratchy old film, Frida weighs her life in the balance....

What did it all mean?

Who was I?

Was it all worth it?

A clock is ticking, someone is coming for her and she must make up her mind....

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